IFBB Figure Pro, personal trainer & Fitness expert. Kettlebell & Bootcamp Instructor. Here to motivate & inspire!

Magda Wilk

Magda’s adventure with bodybuilding started 10 years ago when she met her husband Paul who is a natural bodybuilder. They started training together and Magda could not believe the changes she noticed not only in her body, but the mind and spirit. She became stronger both physically and mentally. This slowly became her passion.


Gisèle’s expertise lies in helping people recover from migraines, emotional trauma as well as pain-related issues so that they too can lead an enRICHed pain-free and joyful life! Her career in holistic health began with her own experience with migraine headaches. These lasted for eleven years during which time she discovered her innate ability as an Intuitive Healer. She was then propelled to study the Reiki modality of healing and became a practitioner in 1997 and completed her Master designation in 2000. She also completed a Health Studies course.

Personal Training 1-on-1, 30 Minutes

Personal Training 1-on-1, 60 Minutes

Personal Training- Group of 2

Personal Training - Group of 4

Personal Training

1 ON 1
  • 30 Minutes - $50.00
  • 60 Minutes - $100.00
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Personal Training

Group of 2
  • 60 Minute - $75.00 per person
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Personal Training

Group of 4
  • Group of 4: 60 Minutes - $60.00 per person
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What can you expect from personal training or small group training?

Magda will help you achieve your fitness goals by designing unique workouts that will improve your strength, improve your fitness, help you with weight loss, burn fat, build muscle,increased energy and get you healthy!!! Plus many more benefits.

Her passion for nutrition will also assure she will answer many of your diet questions and help you design a diet plan to meet your goals!!

She was start with fitness assessment and will track your progress!!

Magda loves to inspire and motivate others to become the best version of themselves!

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