Corporate Yoga

If you find it hard to fit a yoga class into your life then let us come to you! We teach Yoga Classes to your Company Employees at your space.


Clarity's Corporate Yoga Services

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Benefits of Corporate Yoga for Employee

Get Strong and Feel Good Improves Energy Reduces Stress Better Posture Healthier Work Relationships

Benefits of Corporate Yoga for the Company

Boost Energy Improve Productivity Healthy Reward for Employees Team Building Enhances Clarity and Focus
Why Do Corporate Yoga?
Corporate Yoga Classes are a great way to provide team building for your company. Corporate Yoga will Improve workplace energy, increase productivity, reduce stress, and bring everyone together in a a fun and healthy way. Corporate Yoga can be great way to get exercise in at the Lunch Break. Each Class will leave you and your co-workers feeling energized, strong, relaxed, and refreshed.

Plans and Pricing

All of our Clarity Instructors have a minimum 250 Hour Certification. Our yoga, meditation and pilates classes are designed to fit the needs of the individuals in each group. Most Classes are all Levels, however, please let us know if your group is specific to Beginners! Practicing twice a week will give you the best results, but even once a week will notice some changes in your mind and body.

Contact us for Discounted Pricing on over 12 Classes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Will I Need?

A comfortable space large enough to use where everyone can spread our their yoga mats. Each person will need a yoga mat, comfortable clothing and a water bottle. No Experience Necessary.

Are there any Discounts?

Yes. Please Contact us for pricing over 12 Classes!

What type of Corporate Classes are offered?
  • Corporate Yoga:  Classes can be easy lunch time flows/stretches, or prepare to get your hour of sweat in! We know you are tight on time.
  • Corporate Meditation: Breathing Exercises and Mindfulness Meditation.
  • Corporate Chair Yoga: Easy yoga on chairs.
  • Corporate Yoga for Stress: Using mindfulness and yoga to create therapeutic techniques for you and your company.
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