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Che Marville

Che is a business coach and leading authority on Employee Engagement, Wellness, Mindfulness, Creativity, Diversity and Personal Development. Read More About Che

Personal Development Training

Transformational Coaching

Stressed Out?

Are you experiencing panic, insomnia  and anxiety?  Is it impacting your personal and professional life in a negative way? Are you worried all the time?Looking for away to cope, try an integrated approach and talk to Wellness Coach Che Marville.

Learn to manage with meditation, deep relaxation and planning. Build strength through awareness and confront fear. Learn to turn anxiety and fear into an advantage not a weakness. This transformational program will help you build an integrated  physical, mental and emotional wellbeing plan.

You are not alone.

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  • One Session - 75 Minutes – $150
  • 3 Session Package–  $400 (save $50)
  • 6 Session Package - $700.00 (save $200)
  • 12 Session Package - $1200 (save $600)

Personal Development with Che

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Joy Dorsey

Joy Dorsey is currently training to become a Professional Co-Active Coach with the Coaches Training Institute, one of the most prestigious coaching schools in the world. Read More About Joy

One on One Coaching with Joy

Joy believes the true meaning of health and wellness is to strive for balance in life and to truly live in peace with ourselves no matter where we are. To achieve this we often need some support and structures to help move us from our current patterns and beliefs to a more rewarding and empowering life view.

As a health and wellness coach, Joy works with clients to build self-esteem, confidence and to improve body awareness. Joy specializes in working with clients seeking an improved relationship with food and body and clients who may be struggling with other various compulsions. We all have varying levels of compulsions in our life, whether it is food, drugs, relationships, or work. It’s a matter of how much the compulsion is ruling your life. Joy helps her clients to unearth what is driving the compulsions and how to find peace with them.


  • Initial Foundation Session - 90 Minutes - $150
  • One 50 minute Session – $100

Coaching with Joy

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